• Scheherazade Three-Tier  - 1
  • Scheherazade Three-Tier  - 2
  • Scheherazade Three-Tier  - 3
  • Scheherazade Three-Tier  - 4
  • Scheherazade Three-Tier Plain - 5

Venetia Studium - Fortuny®

Scheherazade Three-Tier



Scheherazade Three-Tier from the Fortuny® collection by Venetia Studium. Made in silk of specially selected long-fibre yarn. This special yarn gives the lamps their durability as well the incomparable ability to diffuse the light in a most beautiful way. The light weight of Venetia Studium silk lamps simplifies and facilitates assembling and maintenance of the lamp. An elegant, sculptural accent for your space. Venice, Italy stands for good taste and elegance, and is both the birthplace of the Fortuny® name as well as the inspiration for the patterns and colours found in the range.

structure: brass
fabric: silk
Murano glass beads
weight: 9 lb. 11 oz.
standard 1 x 100 watt
optional 4 x 100 watt

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